We believe that great design starts with asking questions, uncovering problems, discovering opportunities & engaging with target customers.

Weroar Ltd is a full-service design and digital studio in Auckland, New Zealand. Founded in 2015, Weroar ltd helps small and medium business who needs service like identity design, brand research, brand strategy, website development, social media marketing, campaign development and more.

Our Core Services

→ Brand design & development
→ Brand research & strategy
→ Packaging design
→ Website & digital design
→ Website & mobile development
→ Digital Product development
→ Print & publication design
→ Social media marketing
→ Video production & photography


Explore →

We will get to the core of how your brand was born into ideation. How did your vision start? How do you want to see your brand come into life? Who is your target market? What do you want to offer? We will get to know how can we produce a solution that inspires a deepen meaningful relationship to your customers.

Create →

Coming from your idea, we will research everything that will be relevant to your brand, profile your market, strategize your branding, design your concept, and develop to launch effective campaigns, content and produce iconic ideas that your brand can execute.

Deliver →

We will continue working closely with you and maintain close relationship with your business to ensure that all your future steps will stay true to your branding through strong sustaining campaigns and retain assistance as you progress.

We believe that great design comes from understanding. It speaks both rationally and emotionally. It also takes trust and willingness to take a risk & partnership.